Homer's Travels: An Embarrassing Number Of Hours

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

An Embarrassing Number Of Hours

Last post I mentioned that I'd played on online game "an embarrassingly large number of hours." The game that I was playing was called Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

EBF 3 is a rather cheesy adventure game where you collect treasures, medals, magic weapons, and use the stuff you find to fight monsters and solve puzzles.  Every so often you run into a 'Boss' monster that you have to defeat before you can continue on.  In other words, it's your typical adventure/RPG.  The graphics are a very cutesy, anime style which doesn't help the game quality much.

The game was pretty lame which doesn't explains why, over a three day period, I played it for 19 hours and 37 minutes.  In case you're wondering, when you save the game it lists the number of hours and minutes played, otherwise I would have never kept track despite my love of enumerating.  I probably would have played longer but, frankly, our computer desk chair sucks and my butt was getting numb.

In the end I surprised myself.  After defeating five boss monsters, I reached the end and only had to defeat the Über-Boss.  I fought one battle against him ... lost miserably ... and then totally lost interest.  It's like running a marathon and deciding to quit a half mile from the finish line.

I don't remember ever leaving a computer game unfinished.  They've always bugged me until I finished.  What surprises me most is I'm perfectly content to let it hang there.  It feels oddly good.

Now, back to that intellectual pursuit that is Facebook Scrabble.


  1. I feel for you. I played some zombie game where the hit percentages were way off (i.e. 80% chance of hit, then you'd miss 4 out of 5 times). I got all the way to the last square, then couldn't win because the game gave to way to recover (i.e. buy more health/weapons). Unfortunately, with a free game, there's relatively little point in demanding one's money back...

  2. I love playing videogames! I play them a lot, and it's amazing how quickly time passes before you realize you've put so much of your time into it!

  3. And here you thought you played Bejeweled Blitz a lot!

  4. MHW: There's a game waiting for you to move.

    GH: How true. Can't complain about free.

    MMC: I know you do (From your posts). I used to play a lot more before I was married then ... I lost interest. I'm starting to dabble again though.

    Mom: Very true. I haven't played Bejeweled Blitz for quite a while and am now a Scrabble addict.

  5. Hmmm, maybe I won't play as often once I'm married. Hrmmmmm

  6. MMC: Oh, there's lots of play ... just not computer games ;)