Homer's Travels: First Week Of 2011 ... So Far, So Good

Saturday, January 08, 2011

First Week Of 2011 ... So Far, So Good

The first week of 2011 is behind us and things are looking pretty good.  The Wife is back at work after Christmas break and she had a smooth start to the new quarter.  I got back into my routine which, for me, is always a little comforting.

On Wednesday I went for an 8.9 mile walk downtown.  I'd already walked these areas before - down Dodge, up Saddle Creek, back on Cuming, a loop around Heartland of America Park - but it felt fresh somehow.  I guess the good feelings I acquired during the holiday season have stuck around for another week.  The sunny day helped a bit as well (The sunrise banner was taken the morning of my walk).

On Thursday I went to the eye doctor for a check up.  Everything checked out.  I've noticed that the words on the pages are starting to blur so I got a prescription for readers.  I guess I've reached that age.  Unfortunately my eyes are changing at different rates so cheap, over the counter reading glasses wouldn't work well.   Six years ago I had lasik done and have had clear vision, and no glasses to worry about, ever since, but I knew there would come a day when glasses would be back in my world.  That day has arrived sooner than I hoped.

We have 24-48 hours worth of light snow coming later this weekend and temps in the single digits following closely after that.  Despite the snow and cold, I am planning to get a walk in.  Let's see if the optimistic feelings continue.


  1. Just wear mittens and happy walking!

    I get frustrated with needing glasses, mostly when I'm swimming, but they are a very hip accessory right now. :) Just think about how cool you look right now!!

  2. I've had lasik too. A year ago actually. But if you need reading glasses, that shouldn't bring you mood down. Presbyopia is not as as bad as short-sightedness.

  3. If Paul Newman could make reading glasses look good, you can make reading glasses look good...

  4. MMC: I'll do that! I wore glasses for ... twenty-five years and I never considered them cool. Of course, not being able to see is even less cool.

    Godefrey: Very true, very true.

    GH: If I looked like Paul Newman, I wouldn't be worried about reading glasses.