Homer's Travels: Balls ... Growth ... The Passage Of Time

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Balls ... Growth ... The Passage Of Time

It seems, as I get older, more and more things remind me of the passage of time.

Every Christmas since we moved back to Nebraska, we have decorated the oak tree in our front yard.  The first year we bought large Christmas balls and hung them from the leafless tree resulting in a tree reminiscent of the Charlie Brown Tree.  I managed to hang all twelve of the ornaments using a step ladder.

In 2009 I hung the ornaments using an eight foot extension poll while on snow shoes.  I had to buy more because the tree seemed larger and the balls just didn't fill the tree.  The tree ended up with thirty-eight big balls, though some were lost during a blizzard and one was obliterated by the snow blower.

Today I decorated the oak tree once more.  This time it took the eight foot extension poll and a step ladder to reach the tippy top of the tree.  Once I got all the balls hanging I realized that more balls would be needed.  The tree keeps getting bigger and taller.  Tomorrow the Wife and I are going Christmas decoration shopping to fill the gaps.

The oak tree has turned out to be a great sign of time's passage.  In a year or two I will no longer be able to decorate the tree.  I guess I could climb the tree to hang the ornaments but, as the tree gets older so will I, and I'm not sure I should be climbing in trees.   Come to think of it, it's been years, if not decades, since I last climbed a tree.  How time flies when you're having fun.


  1. Look on the upside: now you can hire some kid to do it for you, then have the pleasure of bossing a kid around for ten bucks. Now that's entertainment!

  2. GH: Wow ... the thought of that makes me feel really old and curmudgeony.