Homer's Travels: A Lack Of Reading Material

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Lack Of Reading Material

2010 has been a mixed reading year for me.  I finished 15 books this year, three fewer than 2009.  My average book was longer (413 pages vs 361 pages).  The number of pages read, 6,205, was about 5% less than in 2009.

2011 is going to be tougher.  My fun money is going to my Camino walk so I have no money to buy very many books.  This means  I have to find other sources.  The most obvious one is the library.

I got my library card and went online and scanned through their catalog.  I looked for the fifteen books I have on my Amazon wish list - I only found two (They were both checked out, of course).  I put in an interlibrary loan request for one of the books.  That was three and a half weeks ago.  Not sure if this is typical (two librarians gave me two different answers - 1 week and 2-3 weeks).  I am wondering if I'll have any offline reading material this year.

I suspect that I will be limited to magazines and online reading for most of the year ... at least until I get this library figured out.


  1. You forgot to ask Santa for an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas, didn't you?

  2. GH: But I can't pay for food and lodging in Spain with an Amazon card.