Homer's Travels: Wacky Weather

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wacky Weather

In southern California, Oxnard specifically (where we used to live), it is 54°F.

In Omaha, where we live now, it is 62°F ... on January December 30th ...  Something is seriously screwed up.

Later this evening things will get back to normal here with temperatures back in the teens and twenties with a freezing rain/sleet/snow mix and sub-zero wind chills.  whoopee.


  1. Actually, it's only December, Honey.

  2. Wife: Fixed. I guess I got ahead of myself.

    GH: Don't encourage her or I'll have to start nit picking your blog ... and yes, you've made some errors yourself. ;)

  3. Sorry, man, that kind of nitpicking is only for spouses.