Homer's Travels: Where's The Fire ... Santa?!?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where's The Fire ... Santa?!?

We were watching the Amazing Race when we heard sirens on the street.  Soon after a flashing light of a police car passed slowly by the window.  The police car lights were soon followed by fire truck lights.  Wondering what the heck was happening I stepped out our front door to see where they were going in such a flashy but slow manner.  As I step out I saw that the fire truck was being followed by a pickup.

The pickup was towing a trailer.

... The trailer was all lit up.

...... On the lit up trailer was a sleigh.

...... On the sleigh was a jolly old elf who waved at me and wished me a Merry Christmas.

... I waved back with a smile on my face and wished Santa a Merry Christmas.

Thank you, Santa, for making me and the Wife smile.


  1. They do that in my town too. First the police car comes down the street, calling out all the kids to let them know that Santa is coming, then the trailer with Santa comes along. Pretty cool.

    And aren't you glad it was a non-elimination leg, so you didn't miss anything?

  2. oh that's awesome!!! Our santa rides on the firetruck and throws M&M packets at kids. :D

  3. GH: Fortunately, Santa was considerate and drove by during a commercial :D

    Miss McC: No candy, just a wave. I feel a little cheated now.