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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Dreaming Of A ....

There's very little snow on the ground around here right now but that may change tonight.  Two to Four inches of White Christmas is in the overnight forecast.  I hope they're right.

The neighbor, anticipating the snow, brought over their snow blower so we could use it.  They're heading south so we will be helping them by clearing the snow off their driveway and sidewalks.  She also left us with a box of chocolates.  Yum.

I'm ready for Christmas.  The Wife and I went skating on Wednesday ... well, the Wife skated and I stood on the sidelines taking her picture.  Me and coordination don't go together.  That got us in the mood.

Christmas Eve will be spent at my Mom's.  Christmas Day will be with the In-Laws.  I'm feeling pretty good.


  1. We have over 36" of the white stuff on the ground. We'll send some down. Merry Christmas Homer-Dog and to the wife too. Love you both.

  2. I would have paid good money to see video of you on ice skates. :D

    Hope you have a good holiday, and keep that good feeling the whole time!

  3. MoH: Thanks and, actually, I would love to have some. Snow was sparse this Christmas.

    GH: Well ... I do need to pay for Spain ... but I need to be able to walk and skating would probably result in bodily injury.

    Thanks and I'll try.