Homer's Travels: I Miss The Geese

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Miss The Geese

Where are the geese?  In 2008 we had flocks landing in the field behind the house each evening, munching on the leftover corn in the fields.  In 2009 there was no corn, the farmer had planted soybeans, but we still had geese flying overhead.  This year, until earlier this week, I hadn't seen nary a one.

2009 Geese Off Our Deck.
This week the geese have started to appear but they are two to three months late and their numbers, so far, are anemic.  I'm a little disappointed.  I hoped that the corn returning to the fields would signal the return of the geese.   I appear to be wrong.

Why???   Climate change ... wind turbines ... habitat destruction?  It's a mystery.


  1. I like geese. I do not like geese poo. :D

  2. Maybe they were scared when they saw you standing on the back deck, staring at them holding a knife and fork in your hand and drooling?

  3. Miss McC: True everywhere in the world, I'd imagine.

    GH: HA! Hmmm .... Now there's an idea.