Homer's Travels: ChipMunk

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This year we seem to have a lot of critters in our backyard.  We have an infernal rabbit who munches on many of our plants.  We have turtle doves, or something similar, nesting in our evergreen - two small white eggs.  We have robins under our deck - two baby birds.

We also have chipmunks.  The wife named it Charlie but, after seeing a smaller one (Buddy Jr.) roaming around the yard, we decided that Charlie was probably Charlene.  I found their hole a week or so ago and by a weird coincidence ... well, you'll just have to look at the picture:

The wife caught Buddy Jr. staring at her.  He kind of looked like this:


  1. I totally made a "snorfle" noise at the dramatic chipmunk. :)

    Thanks for totally making my day!

  2. I had to come back today and watch the chipmunk again!

  3. MIss McC: It is Snorfle-rific. Come by anytime when you feel snorfle deficient.

    MoH: Thanks!

  4. Aren't all chipmunks a little dramatic? Seems when I'm out hiking, if I cross into their territory, they always start screaming their little heads off at me...

    (Tried to post this last week but #$^&@#$%! blogger kept bombing on me...)

  5. GH: Yep.

    I've never had an issue with blogger. Must be you ;)