Homer's Travels: I Did Not Know That

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Did Not Know That

When I was at the camera store, the guy asked me if I formatted my cards.  I told him I formatted them in the camera before I first used them.  He then asked me if I formatted after each download.  The question caught me by surprise as I'd never heard that you should reformat after each download.  Frankly I thought he was a little crazy but I googled around a bit and it seems that people recommend you reformat "regularly", whatever that means.

So, After my little vacation photo disaster, I think I will start following the camera store guy's advice and start reformatting the card after each download.  I don't think it can hurt and, who knows, it may prevent future photo disasters.


  1. Thanks for sharing that! that IS handy to know!

  2. I usually format every month or so, depending on how busy the card has been. But, I've got this strange sense of deja-vu, like you and I have talked about formatting cards before. Weird...

  3. Miss McC: You are very welcome.

    GH: Did we? I don't remember but then I can be forgetful at times.