Homer's Travels: Homer's Travels ... Now On Your Kindle!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Homer's Travels ... Now On Your Kindle!

The Best Man, author of the Reader's Diary, recently posted that you could subscribe to his blog on the kindle.  Not wanting to be left in the dust by progress, and finding out that it's free to publish, have set up Homer's Travel's on the kindle as well.

If you are so inclined, and lord knows why you would be, you can subscribe to Homer's Travels on your kindle here:


  1. Omigoodness are you buying us all Kindles? Christmas has come EARLY!!! YAAAAY!!!


  2. Sorry, man, no Kindle. But when you write the book I know you'll be writing someday, I'll buy one of the first copies. :)

  3. Miss McC: Sure, just send me $200.00 to cover shipping and handling and your kindle will be on it's way. ;)

    GH: Thank you for your support but I doubt writing a book is in my future.