Homer's Travels: What Is That Noise!?!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What Is That Noise!?!

A thunderstorm rolled through early this morning.  I mean really early.  I was sleeping quite soundly when there was a really loud clap of thunder followed by a high pitch, tooth rattling alarm.  I was out of bed heading for the weather radio figuring it was a tornado warning or something when the Wife said "It's the smoke alarm."  Ten seconds or less later the alarm stopped.  No fire.  No tornado.  Just a large clap of thunder.

I got back in bed and speculated out loud that smoke detectors use ionization and maybe a close lightning strike could interfere with the detector.  Not sure when our smoke detectors became lightning detectors but at least I now know that the alarms will wake me up in an emergency.

This morning when I got up I looked around the house - everything was in order - and I looked outside to see if lightning had struck the dead tree behind our house - no.

Talking with the Wife later this morning, she says : "Don't talk to me about ionization in the middle of the night again."  She's not an engineer.


  1. Note to self: don't use "ionization of smoke detectors during lightning storms" when flirting with da ladies...

  2. seriously? I would totally have been impressed.I'm usually the one throwing out crazy vocab. Plus, your explanation would have soothed my first fear which would have been...

    So kudos to your very brave wife!

    And Geekhiker, just be you. :)

  3. Miss McC: Awe shucks. Our house is fairly young so I doubt there are any ghosts.

    I'm not sure she was being brave. I think she was just annoyed at me talking to her at 4:00 AM.