Homer's Travels: We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Vacation Posts To Bring You ...

Monday, June 28, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Vacation Posts To Bring You ...

I was planning to post my second installment of our Jordan vacation but I am altering my plans based on what happen this weekend.  What happened?  A lot but only a small bit concerns my vacation posting.  I think I'll tell you about a pretty enjoyable weekend with family.

On Friday we rented an SUV (a Ford Exploder) to drive to Minnesota.  We went there so that the Wife could attend a wedding shower and we could pick up a grandfather clock that the Wife had inherited from her Aunt D - hence the need for an SUV with a large cargo space.  I want to state right now that I like the environment and, while not a loony tree hugger, I try to take environmentally friendly steps in my day to day life and, frankly, driving the SUV made me feel a little dirty.

We arrived at the Matron of Honor (MoH) and Best Man's (BM) place just in time to get rained on.  We exchanged hellos and started talking about our Jordan vacation when the storm stepped up a notch, began hailing, and the sirens started going off.  The rest of the Jordan story was told huddled in the master bathroom until the weather calmed down a bit.

On Saturday we were joined by the Altar Boy (AB), his Wife (ABW), their unborn bundle of joy (no name publicly shared ... yet), and the GodSon (GS) (who may have to be re-pseudonymed to GodFather later this year once the AB's child is born).  The Wife, MoH, and ABW left for the shower being held for the GodSon's fiancée.  The GodSon's fiancée has told me that she doesn't read blogs so I'm free to say anything I want about her (I had an evil look as I typed this line but now I realize I really don't have anything bad to say about her - the GodSon got himself a winner).  The BM, GS, AB, and I went out to do our own form of geek shower by going to Dave & Buster's to play arcade games (mostly racing which, I discovered, I suck at), followed by a camera store, and Best Buy.  The trip to Best Buy was to look at the iPad.  I think I'll wait for the larger version, the Max-iPad.

We all returned to the BM/MoH's place at about the same time.  We were joined by the GodSon's fiancée and we all got to look at the loot she (they, actually) got at the shower.  We watched videos of Aunt D, talked about politics, talked about family, guessed baby names and birth dates, ate, drank, and were generally merry.  It's always fun when the family gets together.  The only downer was I downed a whole bowl of dark chocolate M&Ms - a self inflicted pain ... in the stomach.

Sunday started off with finding out that the Wife had left her purse at the shower.  This must be a purse weekend as the GS's fiancée forgot her purse in a public restroom before the shower.  We got directions to the house, said our goodbyes, and headed out.  On the way I decided to stop and say hello to the pleasant police officer.  I'd invited her over by doing 45 in a 30 zone.  She was nice and let me go with a warning.

We picked up the Wife's purse and then went to her cousin's place to pick up the grandfather clock.  As we left with the clock we thought we might go insane as the clock chimes ching-chinged constantly from the road vibration.  It turned out that ching-ching is much better than rattle-rattle and squeak-squeak.  As a matter of fact, when we turned the radio on, we were surprised to find the ching-ching seemed to fit amazingly well with the classic rock we were listening to.

We stopped at the lake to say hi to the In-Laws and to make some measurements for the boat parade next week (The theme is Pirates).

We got home after six and the day felt like it would go on forever.  It felt like the longest driving day ever ... not sure why.  Of course it might have been the fact that I never went over the speed limit ... well, not over by much that is.

What does any of this have to do with delaying my Jordan posts?  The trip to the camera store with the guys  is why I'm postponing my Jordan posts.  While there I discovered it would cost only $20.00 (plus costs of DVDs) to have them recover my Jordan pictures.  While I'm not 100% optimistic, I still have hope so I will hold off posting until I find out the results.  Hopefully I'll hear something later this week.  Fingers are crossed.


  1. Grandfather clocks are so cool!! I am really hoping that your photos can be saved! :)

  2. Did you have to break out the waterworks to get out of the speeding ticket? Or did you just flirt your way out of it, Homer-Stud? ;)

    Will keep the fingers crossed that the pictures are recoverable...

  3. Miss McC: It's a nice one too.

    GH: Kind of hard to flirt with teh lady cop when your Wife is in the passenger's seat.

    Thanks, both of you, for the photo hoping :)

  4. A Ford Exploder, huh? Strange I've always thought they were Explo"r"ers. :)

    The lady cop was mighty nice indeed, for that kind of speeding, you get a suspended license and a hefty fine over here.

    Ditto about the pictures.

  5. Godefroy: That, by the way, was not an error. I've been calling them Ford Exploders since the 90s when they had problems rolling over.

    If I'd been going really fast, say 90 in a 70 zone then I would have been fined and I might have lost my license in some states. I was lucky though.

    Thanks about the pictures.