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Saturday, March 20, 2010

You Know You're Visiting Friends From The Mid-West When ...

We visited the Loon Whisperer's place this afternoon.  We actually got to see her husband - I don't think I'd seen him for almost a year and a half.  The visit was fun.  The girls are getting older, growing taller, and more talkative.

The best was when we left, they gave us two Buffalo T-Bone Steaks.  The steaks came with a warning: If you grill them, watch them carefully as buffalo fat is very flammable.  This was learned at the expense of a grill and a fire extinguisher.  Heh.

You know you've visited friends from the Mid-West when they send you home with meat.  Thanks guys!


  1. That's pretty awesome. Meat must to be to man what chocolate cheesecake is to woman. :)

  2. Mmmmm... BBQ... *droooool*

    (coincidence that the security word is "mandog"? I think not!)

  3. Miss McC: Actually I think the Wife is more excited about meat than I am. My vice is ice cream and Dark Chocolate Truffles.

    GH: HA!!! We'll try not to set the grill on fire.

  4. Truffles....ahhhhhh....

    My brother and his wife are like that. She orders steak and he gets a salad. It's fun when people don't neatly fit into gender stereotypes.