Homer's Travels: Covered Wagons, Tee Pees, Churches, And Wimp Outs

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Covered Wagons, Tee Pees, Churches, And Wimp Outs

I was planning to bicycle to today but I wimped out when I saw how windy it was going to be.  Bicycling, to me, is recreation and exercise is secondary.  Wind means it's no fun therefore it's not recreational.  I stayed in bed.

Since it was going to be a nice day I decided I needed to get out of the house so I drug myself out of bed and got in the car and headed west to check out an old, decaying church that I'd passed several times on my way to somewhere else.  I thought there might be a photographic opportunity or two to be had.  Besides the church there was also the world's largest covered wagon and an old motel nearby.

I pulled off the nearest exit and, after driving around, realized there wasn't any road to the church.  It was on private property and the number of large Keep Out Signs and No Trespass signs was a little discouraging.  I pulled over in front of the covered wagon and took some pictures.  The covered wagon-like building was originally a gas station but now is a golf shop.

I walked across the road to take pictures of the dilapidated remains of the trailer park/motel.  The original owner of the covered wagon, the motel across the street and, turns out, the church died many years ago (over 10 years ago at least) and the place is showing the effects of years of neglect.  The only thing remaining is an old barn with "Souvenirs" painted on it's roof, a large tin tee pee that, I've heard, you could spend the night in once, some decaying playground equipment, and old signs.  As I took pictures, I realized that I could probably walk along the fence to where the church and a small house/building were.

I walked along the fence on what was once Westward Ho Trailer Park road.  Now it's just a grass covered path.  I reached the church and started taking pictures.  Would you believe that the camera batteries decided to go dead right about then?   Yes, I always carry an extra set.  Yes, the extra set is in my camera bag.  Yes, my camera bag was back on the passenger seat of my car.  When I got out of the car to take pictures I didn't expect to go too far so I'd left the bag in the car.  Pi$$ poor planning on my part.  I did manage to squeeze out a few more pictures before turning back.

On the way back I noticed part of the fence had been pushed down by some unknown interloper.  I could have easily gotten through the fence.  For the second time today I wimped out.  Why climb through the fence and explore the church up close when my camera was dead.  That's the excuse I gave myself anyway.  Nothing stopping me from going back to the car, changing batteries, and walking back.  I didn't do that though.  Something for another day.

I added the pictures to my 2008-2010 Rural Nebraska Google Photos album.


  1. Cool pictures. I don't do it much, but shooting dilapidated remains of human civilization is always fun.

  2. Nothing wimpy about this post! I don't like bike riding in very windy weather either. I do like walking and pretending I'm a kite...
    Loved the covered wagon. You see so much cool stuff!

  3. GH: Thanks! I have a thing for old ruins and falling apart buildings. Makes me think of the passage of history.

    Miss McC: Thanks. I wish I were bolder at times. I try to find the weird and off beat. Not always easy to find but it's always fun to photograph once you find it.

  4. You are bold. Captain Kirk would be proud. :)