Homer's Travels: Snow Blower: 1 Big Christmas Balls: 0

Monday, March 08, 2010

Snow Blower: 1 Big Christmas Balls: 0

I noticed what looked like a Christmas ball in our neighbor's yard when I came home from shopping today.  Thinking it was one of the balls that blew out of our tree in the front yard I went over to investigate.  Sure enough, it was one of our balls (blue, naturally) in about a gazillion little pieces.

I guess an unbreakable blue plastic Christmas ball isn't much of a match for a snow blower.


  1. I think I missed something about the christmas balls before you lost them in the snow.

    Still any story where you get to say big blue balls in a clever way without meaning a man's no no parts is a fine tale!

    How weird is it that it was discovered now?! Very interesting.

  2. Miss McC: I should have linked to the original post:


  3. Miss McC: Oh yeah, it wasn't discovered until now because the snow if finally melting.

  4. Do you expect to find more?

  5. Oh, this is NOT going to sound right but those balls are so pretty!! No wonder you were upset that they blew away.

  6. GH: I think I'm still missing three or four but, since all the snow is gone, I suspect I'll never see them again. They probably rolled down the street and are half way to Mexico by now.

    Miss McC: Thank you. We like our decorated tree (So many ball jokes, so few appropriate for comment.)