Homer's Travels: The Signs Of Spring Are Upon Us

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Signs Of Spring Are Upon Us

I'm starting to see the first signs of spring around here. The snow is mostly gone despite the dusting we got yesterday. Rain has become more common.  The highs are higher though the days have been overcast.

I saw my first robin on Wednesday and a couple more on Thursday sitting in a tree wondering what all this white stuff falling from the sky was. Another sure sign around here are the flocks of birds passing through on their way north. I caught this huge flock stopping for a dip in the flooded farm field out our back window:

Not sure what type of birds they were. They didn't honk like geese would. I'm guessing some sort of duck. (Another Picture here.)


  1. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! What a cool picture!!!!!

  2. Great picture. Reminds me of the flocks in the wildlife refuges in Northern California. *whistful sigh*

  3. Miss McC: Thank you.

    GH: There is something about a large flock of birds that is fascinating. All those birds and no collisions. I'm sure they could teach our air traffic control people a thing or two.

  4. You're in Snow Geese country, my friend! Litlle bit smaller than the Canada Goose, these guys will come through the Missouri River Flyway by the hundreds of thousands. Check out DeSoto Bend NWR near Blair sometime, or Squaw Creek NWR near Mound City, MO. Peak time is probably right now!

  5. Dixon: A friend of the Wife's suggested Snow Geese off line. I would have to agree. I guess they were too far off for me to hear the honking or maybe there were so many the honking all blended together to make noise.

    We went to DeSoto in 2008 around the end of November and there was nothing. They told us that the geese numbers have been very small the past few years. Maybe this year will be different.

    Thanks for stopping by Homer's travels.

  6. LOL - and just how do you KNOW they don't collide on occasion, hm? ;)

  7. GH: Have you ever heard of bird collisions before? Excluding bird-airplane collisions, of course.