Homer's Travels: Pre-Spring Spring Day

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pre-Spring Spring Day

Today was an absolutely gorgeous pre-spring spring day.  Blue Sky.  Temperatures in the 50s and 60s.  Turned out to be a perfect day for a walk.

It had been over a month since my last walk, weather and roadtrips conspiring to keep me house and car bound.  I left after breakfast (and the Daily Show) and headed on foot over to my doctor's office to pick up my test results from the blood that was drawn earlier this week.  I stuffed the results without looking at them into my backpack and headed south to the Walnut Creek Recreation Area.  

Walnut creek is kind of a misnomer.  The place is less a creek and more a large pond ... or maybe a small lake.  There is a three mile path around the pond that I'd bicycled a few months ago.  The water was half frozen and there were a small flock of Canadian geese walking around on the ice.  I guess they prefer ice to water.

Taking one of my lessons from Kansas to heart, I took the time to load my GPS with sixteen geocaches and I found five on the way to Walnut Creek, another two at Walnut Creek, and one more on the way back from Walnut Creek.  The remaining eight had either disappeared (not uncommon with geocaches) or I just decided to try them some other day as I was a little worn out from all the walking.

On the way back I stopped at an Arby's for a large roast beef sandwich, a medium curly fries, and a medium diet Dew.  While I ate this most unhealthy of meals, I pulled out my test results and went through the numbers.  They weren't as bad as I expected.  I'd managed to get my numbers under control before the last test in September but I'd been a little lax in my nutritional discipline lately.  Turns out my numbers did go up a little but were still all in the normal range.  The only number that sucked was my HDL (good cholesterol) which has always been low.  I'll have to do some research to see what I can do about my low HDL numbers.

When I finally got home I had walked 16.23 miles and had a couple blisters on the balls of my feet.  I think this is because all the walk was on concrete.  When I've walked on softer trails in my walking shoes (I wasn't wearing my boots) I never get blisters.

Oh yeah, when I was a couple doors down from our house I spotted one of our runaway Christmas balls.  Now I think we're only missing one or two ... or maybe three.  Icing on the wonderful spring-like day cake.


  1. I got distracted for a moment when you said "cake". I'm also really glad you found some balls! Oh that didn't come out right, but I'm keeping it that way. :)
    I like Arby's too. You handled getting your results in a similar way I would have. :) I don't know tooo much about cholesterol, although I should probably learn.Hope your feet feel better soon!!

  2. Miss McC: Yeah, I always celebrate my blood tests with something deadly but delicious.

    I'm glad 'cake' was the last word of the post. That way you managed to read the whole thing before getting distracted.

    One more thing. It just so happens that the ball was blue ;-)

  3. Heh - you'll never believe where I stopped for dinner after my bike ride on Saturday...

  4. Miss McC: LOL!

    GH: You?!?! Arby's?!?! I never thought of you as a fast food type of guy.