Homer's Travels: The Mind Keeps Wondering.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Mind Keeps Wondering.

I occasionally geocache and when I do I try to move trackable items like geocoins and travel bugs. These items have individual serial numbers that let you track them at Geocaching.com. It's kind of fun seeing where your bug has gone. One of my bugs has been to Guam, Okinawa, and Hawaii and traveled 18,293 miles. Those who geocache know the lifespan of trackables can be pretty short. Some people don't understand the concept of trackables and often mistake them for cool collectibles.

My first travel bug, called "The Mind Wanders ...", disappeared spring 2006. I thought it would, like so many other trackables, never be seen again. I was wrong. Two days ago, after three years of limbo, it reappeared. Seems that last cacher to pick it up lost track of it and re-found it in a storage box. He was considerate enough to drop it off in a cache near Denver.

The cool thing is that we will be passing through Denver during out vacation next month and I have a chance of picking up my bug. If it's still there next month, I'll grab it.


  1. You always make geocaching sound like so much fun. But with everything else on my plate, I think adding one more activity on the trail would just about do me in!

  2. GH: I used geocaching to lead me to new trails and interesting sights. It could do the same for you though I expect you know all the good places already. Maybe you should be hiding caches.