Homer's Travels: Perloined Plexiglass

Monday, May 11, 2009

Perloined Plexiglass

I like to feed the birds in our backyard. I've got a feeder hanging from the back fence. I fill the feeder every Monday afternoon. The birds, sloppy and ravenous, usually empty it out in less than 24 hours. Often in less than 12.

I went out there today and opened the feeder to fill it and I was surprised to find one of the two Plexiglas sides completely missing. I looked around on the ground and looked over the fence to see if it was there. I couldn't see it anywhere and I was sure that some neighborhood kids stole it.

At the urging of the Wife I went back behind the fence to do a more thorough search. Our back fence backs up against a road and there is a pretty good drop from the bottom of our fence and the road - eight to twelve feet I would guess. When I got there sure enough the piece of Plexiglas was at the bottom of the ditch.

I picked it up and, using the skills I learned watching CSI, I identified the perpetrator:

A Raccoon

The amount of wildlife around these parts never ceases to amaze me. The biggest thing we saw in our backyard in Oxnard was a possum. Now I just need to catch the raccoon in the act with my camera.


  1. You know, this gives you the perfect opportunity to set yourself up with one of those laser or IR shutter trip systems... *grin*

  2. GH: Hmmmm ... I think you've got something there.

  3. Webcam! Webcam! Webcam!