Homer's Travels: Happy Star Wars Day!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy Star Wars Day!

Today is Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you!

"ARG, may the Force be with ye, matey"
by Bruce H.


  1. Boo! That's entirely awful!

  2. Oh, no! The Punster Strikes Back.

  3. I know you probably mean the fourth of May, but I first thought that you meant Episode IV. And as I-III are awful, I'd agree with that too!

  4. Wife: It was not my idea:

    MH: I saw this flag last week during a walk around Omaha. Just had to take a picture.

    GH: Damn, I can't think of anything punny to say.

    AB: No, I mean 'May the Fourth' which, when said out load, sounds like 'May the Force'. A pun.

    I don't think I-III were awful but I do agree that IV-VI were better.