Homer's Travels: The Weekend Overfloweth

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Weekend Overfloweth

This post is about last weekend - one of the most hectic for the wife is a long while.  (It was a little less hectic for me.)

It started with the Wife chaperoning the dreaded High School Prom.  I didn't go, though I should have been there to keep her company.  I spent the night watching Batman: the Brave and the Bold , Star Wars: The Clone Wars , and Ben 10 Alien Force.  The Wife arrived late (early) Saturday morning and was out for some nine or ten hours.

The Wife's friend, the Loon Whisperer (LW), had called the night before asking if she'd like to go out for a movie.  The Wife, staggering out of the bedroom at 10:40AM-something, called her and said sure.  I decided to bow out of the movie so that the Wife could have some girl time and I really wasn't very interested in the movie they were seeing (Angels & Demons , "It was entertaining but not as good as the first").  I spent the afternoon with laundry and literature (literature is a strong word for the pulp fiction I'm reading but I'm easily entertained with awesome alliteration).

After the movie the Wife put some steaks on the grill and, as always, we enjoyed a yummy dinner.  The Wife and the LW, not wanting to sit still too long, headed over to the LW's sister's place to get some horticulture tips.  They left with the promise of returning with an Oreo® Brownie Earthquake.  At 11:00PM I gave up (both on the ice cream and the crap on TV) and went to bed.  This was all for the better since I really didn't need the sugar, fat, and calories only a couple days before my latest lipids blood test.  The girls arrived home laughing just after midnight and eventually made it to bed sometime shortly after 2:00AM.

We all got up surprisingly early on Sunday.  The LW had an assist by Homer ("Go on, give her a smooch Homer!").  We went to Lisa's for an awesome breakfast before the LW left.  We now had just over two hours before our next scheduled activity so naps were in order all around.

Sunday afternoon we went downtown to do a Public Art walk put on by the Omaha Public Art Commission. The walk was supposed to be two hours and visited 22 of the many public art pieces in downtown Omaha.  Our tour was led by the current president of the commission.  He was a very likable guy.  He had been worried that the walks would be a waste as funding is tight right now but he seem quite surprised when close to 50 people showed up for the first of three tours.  

We were herded around from piece to piece.  The variety of Omaha art is impressive.  One of the pieces we visited, in the Hilton Hotel no less, was a Steven Dinsmore - I think we know someone who knows him.  Two hours later we weren't even half way through the tour and both the Wife and I were starting to wear down.  As we had even more planned for that evening, we decided to cut the tour short and headed home.  We weren't alone as the group had been shrinking over the two hours.  I wasn't too disappointed as I'd seen most of the pieces on my walks and the excellent pamphlet that they gave out filled in a lot about what we'd skipped.  I added some public art pictures to my 2008-2017 Omaha And Surrounding Cities Google Pho9tos album.

After some more napping and eating we headed to the Stir Cove in Council Bluffs, IA for a Joe Cocker concert.  The venue is a rather intimate, open air, grassy amphitheater.  We had folding chairs which are a must have at the Stir Cove.  The place got chilly really fast after the sun set and the breeze cooled everything down so we layered up and waited for the show to start. The warm up act was a Welshman named Paul Freeman.  He turned out to be okay.  Just him, his guitar, and his harmonica.  As good as you could ask for a warm up act, I guess.  He knew why we were there.

Joe Cocker ... was awesomey goodness.  He sounds just as gravelly as ever.  The guy is getting long in the tooth but he can still belt it out.  His mannerism are so unique - a style all his own.

I managed to take a few good pictures.  I took over a hundred and fifty pictures at the concert and the majority came out.  I took so many because I thought I wouldn't get any good ones.  I guess the camera class helped.

We made it home before 11:00PM and we both crashed pretty hard.

Totally awesome weekend.


  1. So you didn't have to go to the dance, you got to sit around and watch movies. AND the Wife put the steaks on the grill after going out that day while you stayed home and read.

    I'd say you've got a pretty good deal going there...

  2. It's true. His wife is an awesome woman and very good to her man.

  3. To The Wife: HD is indeed a lucky man. You are one in a million. And, if my dating experience is anything to go by, that figure is accurate! LOL

  4. I am very fortunate to have met and married the Wife. I never doubt that.