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Sunday, May 03, 2009

From The Classroom To The Real World

On Saturday I attended a six hour photography class at the local community college.  The class, actually two three hours classes - beginners and advanced - covered the basic stuff - ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc. - and it turned out to be a pretty good overview of digital photography.  I learned a few things and clarified many others.

Today the Wife and I went to the Hot Shops Art Center open house and I figured this would be a good chance to put by classroom learning to use.  It turns out, while I have more knowledge, I need even more practice.  I took some thirty pictures and really only got five or six okay pictures.  Practice, practice, practice - that's what I need. 

The Hot Shops open house was pretty good.  I was surprised to see just how many resident artists were there.  Omaha has an impressive art scene and the variety of art styles displayed in the three story building was impressive.  I especially liked the blacksmith shop and the glass blowing.

Today also marked the start of my SoFoBoMo 31 days.  I decided it would start when I took my first picture that I thought was good enough to include and I think I managed to get one today.  Just 34 to go.  This should be the kind of practice I need.  I've decide not to post any pictures from the book until I've completed my photo book or I give up, which ever comes first.

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