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Friday, January 23, 2009

Walking About

Yesterday the temps went up into the low 50s and I took the opportunity to go for a walk.  This was the first of what I will be calling Walkabouts.  I'm calling them this because because I don't consider them hikes.  To me a hike must take place in nature and the walkabout will be urban.  I also like the sound of the word.  Walkabout.  Waaaalk Aboout.  I like it.

This walkabout is the first of many I hope.  Combined with the hikes I will be doing and the bike rides, this will help get me ready for my 2010 Spanish pilgrimage.  Later this year I hope to do the Steamboat Trace trail (21-22 Miles) and the Cowboy trail (321 miles) to add some more distance.

I started this walkabout in downtown Omaha at the corner of 10th ans Jackson.  I walked north on 10th and then west on Farnum.  At midtown crossing, currently under construction, the sidewalks were closed so I had to detour north to Dodge.  AS you move west on Farnum and Dodge you climb over several hills each higher than the other.  At the top of the fourth hill I decided to turn south.

I followed 52nd street south through a very nice neighborhood of brick homes.  I was surprised to find the sidewalks icy along this stretch.  I thought the homeowners would have kept their nice neighborhood walks clean.

I turned east on Leavenworth.  It was just  after 11:00AM and I was getting hungry.  On dodge I passed all sorts of eating establishments.  On Leavenworth the choices were sparse.  The first place I hit was Bronco's Hamburgers.  I went in and found all four booths occupied.  I decided to continue walking to find somewhere I could sit down and rest.  Bad decision.  The only places I passed were bars.  I finally passed a couple places that could have been good - the 11-Worth Cafe and Dixie Quicks - but I decided to move on.  Not sure why.  I think it was the idea of sitting alone while eating.  I don't like eating alone in nicer restaurants and have no problem doing it in fast food joints.  Doesn't make much sense to me either.  I ended up at a Subway in the old market and followed that with ice cream at Maggie Moos.

When I got back to the car I'd walked about 8.2 miles.  (I've added a walkabout category to the sidebar.)  I figured this distance using Google Maps since I forgot my new pedometer at home where it was of no use at all.  I did have my camera and I added some pictures to my 2008-2017 Omaha And Surrounding Cities Google Photos album.

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