Homer's Travels: Inaugural Blues

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Blues

I spent the day with CNN on watching the inauguration of the 44th President.  While I'm happy for the country, the events so far have been rather mute.  It may be all the challenges facing the President and the country as a whole or it may just be the overcast skies outside my window.

I expected to be moved like I'd been in 1989.  In December of 1989, in a Oahu hotel room, I watched the fall of the Berlin wall.  I felt a sense of awe at the changes I was witnessing.  The same feelings were not present today.

Maybe it's too early for me.  Maybe I'm tired of the hype and the impossible-to-achieve expectations.  Maybe I'm just a gloomy gus. President Obama is an intelligent man.  He appears to be doing the right thing.  He is surrounding himself with differing opinions.  He is looking towards the future instead of looking behind.  He mentioned science and technology in his inaugural address possibly making him the first geek President.  But with all these positives, he is still only one man and the challenges he faces are daunting.  

Good Luck President Obama.

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