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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Travel Bug Is Bugging Us

Last year I posted about the problems we've had booking our Thailand trip.  After mulling it over for a month or so we decided to go to AAA to see what our options were.

We have a couple options.  The first option would be to change our destination.  This isn't our first choice since we are kind of set on a Hill Tribes of Thailand-like tour.  Several companies have similar Thailand tours but they are not offered at a time that works for us.  Our AAA agent gave us a stack of Asia books to look at.  I found an interesting China-Tibet trip that includes a ride on the Highest train in the world, a cruise down the Yangtze, and hits all the high points of China.  I think this trip may be our backup plan.

The second option is a little more promising. Most travel tour companies offer custom tours.  Our agent may be able to build a Thailand tour customized just for us.  These tours are usually private tours with your own dedicated guide and driver.  I haven't decided if this is good or not.  After our Peru trip, a group tour, I've discovered the advantages of having like-minded travelers to compare notes with.  For example, at Machu Picchu I had no idea that you could climb Waina Picchu.  If it weren't for our fellow tour mates, I would have missed doing one of the most interesting things I did on that trip.  So, if we take a private tour, would we miss out?  I wonder.

Our agent will be calling us next week to let us know what she can put together.  We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE (01/11/2009): There is third alternative that I mentioned back in November but failed to mention in this post.  We may choose to do a local vacation to Yellowstone and other sights along the way.  This is still a viable option depending on the travel agents call this week.


  1. What, you're not going to do a "staycation"? I here they're all the rage these days, and I know you and The Wife want to stay trendy...

  2. GH: No thank you. I need to go somewhere. Trends be damned.