Homer's Travels: HONK HONK !!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Figures.  Twice (Here and Here ) we went to DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge in search of geese.  The Refuge is known for it's hundreds of thousand migratory geese.  This year, as well as several recent years, the number were very disappointing.

Yesterday, just before sunset, we looked out our back window and saw geese.  We saw more in the corn field than we saw at the wildlife refuge.  It wasn't no hundreds of thousands but it was still impressive watching them come in for a landing in the field.  The Wife thinks they're chowing down on the waste corn left behind from the harvest.  I think she's right.  A couple more pictures can be seen here.


  1. How come I can't get cool shots like that with my camera? Did you have them trained or something? LOL

    Nice shots. Looks a little chilly, though... ;)

  2. GH: See my next post (1/6/09). Thanks but it's very nice and comfortable outside.