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Friday, January 02, 2009

Collections ... I'm An Enabler

I'm not much of a collector.  I have some Star Trek toys, action figures, and ornaments.  I have some comic books (most of them bought when I was in college).  I have not added to these collections for quite a while - years I think.  You could call my photos to be a collection I guess - not as tangible.  Together we have a collection of Travel Magnets.  For me, that's about it I think.

The Wife collects bags - purses, handbags, clutches.  This is not a complaint.  If anything I'm an enabler - I bought her a chicken purse for Christmas (It actually smells like a rubber chicken ... which it is).  The Mom and the Matron of Honor also contributed two clutches/wallets to the collection.  I am just marveled by how organized her purse closet is.  I'm also surprised how she can find them so cheaply.  For someone who hates to shop, she is a great shopper.


  1. "This is not a complaint."

    Smart man, smart man. :)

  2. Can you show us the chicken purse?

  3. GH: Smart is nice but I'd rather be wise.

    MoH: Click on the link and you'll see a picture of the purse.

  4. Organization is the key to ensuring your spouse's continued support of your collecting. Open up our walk in closet and you'll see a whole shelf dedicated to board games, but they're organized by genre and time period. This means the Wifey is cool with it.

  5. To think that you could have bought her a remote-control skunk instead...

    (that photo is nicely lit...just the standard flash?)

  6. Love the chicken purse. Good job!

  7. AB: Yes it is. "Organized by genre and time period" - that's a little too organized for me ;-)

    Phil: HA! She would have liked that. Afout the flash - see 1/6/09 post

    MoH: Thank you.