Homer's Travels: Movie: "Slumdog Millionaire" At The Ruth Sokolof Theater

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movie: "Slumdog Millionaire" At The Ruth Sokolof Theater

We finally made it out to a movie at the Ruth Sokolof Theater in downtown Omaha.  The theater is a small, two screen affair which tends to play towards the film buff crowd, the artsy-fartsy viewers, and the foreign film aficionados.  We'd gone to similar theaters in California and we were interested in checking it out but we never saw anything that really attracted our interests.  This week they were showing "Slumdog Millionaire".  I'd heard some good rumblings about it so we used this opportunity to check out the theater.

First the theater.  The place was a lot bigger than I expected.  I was waiting for small screens and cheap seats.  The Ruth Sokolof has two large screens and stadium seating.  Very comfortable.  I think the atmosphere is better in this theater as it feels it is geared to adults.  Not having kids spilling things and talking made it seem like a better experience.  The price is a little steep - no matinee prices.  You can get cheaper tickets if you become a member but it would take 13 movies in a year to break even.  Since we've been watching DVDs, going out to the movies has been less attractive to me.  We'll see how this changes as the winter gets colder and we grow tired of the inside of our house.  

Now the movie.  The movie follows the story of a young Indian boy and his brother who fend for themselves in the slums of Mumbai.  The story revolves around the boy, now a young man, playing India's version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  It is a very well written and acted story of love found, love lost, family, and destiny.  I highly recommend it.

UPDATE (01-12-2009): Slumdog Millionaire is a four time Golden Globe Winner including best drama!


  1. And Paul Giamatti picked up a Globe for "John Adams". You and I know how to pick the quality stuff, evidently!

  2. GH: Apparently so. We haven't seen John Adams yet. Perhaps in time ...

  3. I saw Slumdog on the weekend and loved it. I'd been waiting for it to play in a theatre closer to home but it just kept staying in Vancouver so off to the city we went.

    I'm encouraging people to see it, without hyping it, as I want them to enjoy it too. :)

  4. JaG: It was a great movie. We are recommending it to friends as well.