Homer's Travels: Know Your Enemy

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Know Your Enemy

A trolly decorated like a train pulls out from a side street.

Me:  "I bet there are clowns on that thing."

Wife:  "and Mimes."

Me:  "Mimes don't like trains."
       "Clowns like trains and little cars."
       "Know your enemy."


  1. Ha!

    I guess this explains no clown picture to go with the post. :)

  2. Oh, you and your clowning around...

    Sorry. Couldn't resist...

  3. JaG: Sorry, no camera. But then, Cameras are to clowns as mirrors are to vampires.

    GH: HEH!

  4. Was it "Ollie the Trolley" a common sight around Omaha.

  5. Anonymous: No. It was a truck decorated like a train engine pulling a trailer decorated like a train passenger car.

  6. What about ninjas?! Do they ride the magic train with the clowns and mimes? Huh? Do they?! What about the vampires? Can they defeat the ninjas on the train?

    Ok, I'll stop.

  7. Wife: Hey! This was a serious post. Everyone knows that ninjas are too busy fighting pirates!

    And vampires ... don't get me started.

  8. Boy, sounds like things in Omaha are pretty slow if you can talk about clowns, mimes, ninjas, vampires, etc. I wish I had the time to banter on and on about silly things. I miss the "Here comes the Primary Color Boys" days. I'm bored. I miss Homer.

    the "J"

  9. "J": We want to go and do cool stuff but you're not here and very hard to replace. It just isn't as fun without you.