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Monday, September 15, 2008

Stuff ...

Just some updates on what I've been up to.

The Pumping of the Guns is ... not going very well. Week three, Day one nearly killed me. I seem to have hit a wall between 40 and 50 pushups. Today I skipped it altogether. Not very proud of that. I did mow the backyard. Our backyard drops off pretty fast so a lot of the mowing consists in pushing the mower up hill so I imagine it would be equivalent to a few pushups. At least I can pretend it is if I close my eyes really tight and humm. X-]

The wife and I went to the farmer's market in the old Market area of Omaha. We ended up buying some dog treats (the Wife wanted to compare them with the ones she makes) and a really nice piece of pottery. Homer has already wagged his approval of the new dog treats. The pottery will be used for fresh baked rolls, I imagine.

We walked down to Rick's Boatyard Cafe for lunch. The food was pretty good. That evening (Saturday) there was going to be a free concert there (I didn't go) and the pedestrian bridge over the Missouri, now christened the John Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge after the senator who sent the pork, would be lit up for the first time along with fireworks. The pedestrian bridge will be open in a couple weeks. Can't wait to walk across it.

We walked around the Heartland of America park and I took some pictures. I added them to my Downtown Omaha Flickr Group.

On Sunday we had one of the Wife's nieces and her roommate over for dinner. Being college students, they really appreciated the home cooked meal.

We decided that we have to start doing stuff on the weekends. The Wife's new job doesn't create the homework that the old one did so we have extra time to do stuff. We just have to get-r-done.


  1. I wish I could have weekends like that...

  2. GH: You will my friend. Just give it some time and it will come.

  3. That all sounds so nice.
    Other than the push ups. :D

  4. JaG: It was nice but not nearly full enough. The push ups thing is pretty sad.

  5. I think that's the Bob Kerry bridge -- not John Kerry.

  6. Wife: Oops, I always get my Kerrys mixed up. I've fixed t.

  7. Did you notice that the workouts have changed? They have been reorganised and in somes cases, they require much push-ups than before.

  8. Gany: There was a large jump from week 2 to week 3. It looks like they may have made it simpler. I'll have to try again and see if this new routine is better.