Homer's Travels: You Know What This Means ?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

You Know What This Means ?

Do you know what this means?

It means that on Saturdays I can only talk to the Wife during commercials.

Note the the teeny tiny Nebraska flag cowering behind the mighty Blue and Gold of the Fighting Irish.


  1. Ha! You'll need to keep a stock of good books on hand. :D

  2. Do you think they'll do better this year?

    It's funny how many football widowers are out there.

  3. I just saw the "N" flag for UNL at your neighbors house. My daughter-in-law is a major "N" fan! She even dresses up the dog!

  4. JaG: Yeah. Good books and quiet household chores.

    Dobegil: I sure hope so. The Wife is happy when they win and I an happy when she is happy. Homer is wearing his victory-dog ND scarf. Shrine has been built. Candles have been lit.

    As for "N", sorry no fans here :-)

  5. Woo Hoo! After a very ugly first half, the Irish manage the first win of the season! I still have my reservations about Jimmy Clausen.
    Hopefully, next year the Irish will have my former student, Cierre Wood, on the team and all will be good. In the meantime ... BEAT MICHIGAN next week!

  6. She'll be watching, you'll be hiking, you'll both meet up for dinner afterwards. It all works out...

  7. GH: Not sure if I'll be hiking on Saturday. Weekdays seem better for hiking - fewer distractions.