Homer's Travels: They Like Me. They Really, Really Like Me

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They Like Me. They Really, Really Like Me

I got excited a few weeks ago when one of my pictures was published. Well, now I've actually been paid to take some pictures.

I was contacted by the managing editor of WCities and asked if I could provide, for a fee, five panorama and/or wide-angle shots of Omaha that "make the city look like an exciting and inviting destination for travelers." That requirement seemed impossible - Omaha has a compact downtown and I was concerned about being repetitive. Armed with suggestions from the Wife and some ideas of my own, I went out on Tuesday and walked around the downtown area and took pictures from all angles. I discovered just about every parking structure in the downtown area looking for a higher vantage point. The next day I drove over to Council Bluffs looking for a long distance picture (a suggestion from my Mom) before returning to the downtown area for more walking around. I ended taking over 100 pictures. You can see many of the pictures I took in my Downtown Omaha Flickr Set. If you're wondering which pictures they chose, they picked these five pictures. (That last picture isn't really from Omaha but they seemed to want to use it anyway - it's the Platte River some 40 miles from Omaha.)

The amount I'm being payed isn't very much and I probably should have asked for more but I figured, being a beginner in this whole independent contractor business, I should just take the offer and ask for more next time ... if there is a next time. WCities sent a contract over and pretty much told me to change it any way I would like. I rewrote it with help from the Wife so that I would retain all copyrights and removing exclusivity clauses. They didn't seem to mind as they've transferred the funds via PayPal.

It's nice to receive some recognition. Maybe I need to look into this whole professional photographer thing.


  1. Being "paid" is awesome! I smell jewelry!

    Ok, not really, but I'm so proud my Homer-dog.

  2. Nice! I'm just a bit jealous. I mean, I've got a webmaster contacting me now for use of photos of Malibu Creek, but that would be for free. You're talking actual pay!

  3. Wife: I don't know, I usually don't wear too much jewelry so I don't really need any more. ;-)

    BM: Thanks!

    GH: Thanks! It's not very much but it was nice to get something.