Homer's Travels: Update 4: The Big Bump

Monday, December 03, 2007

Update 4: The Big Bump

Good news. This will probably be the last update on the big bump status. The Nurse Practitioner removed the packing and gauze and replaced it with a band aid. She said it looked good and that packing was no longer needed. She also said I didn't have to come back unless it takes a turn for the worse. Yeah!!

I have been waiting to get away from the packing because I have not been able to shower. I have been giving myself sponge baths which, frankly, are no fun and I always feel not quite clean afterwards.

I asked her if I could go hiking this weekend and she said "sure" so, depending on the weather, I will be back on the trail - probably Matilija Falls. It's supposed to rain Friday and Saturday so I may have to hike on Sunday. There should be some good water in the creek.


  1. It's like you've been camping then since you couldn't shower.

  2. JaG, While I like hiking, I have never had the pleasure of camping out in the wild. I'll take your word for it.

  3. Congrats on getting back out on the trail. Hopefully we'll get some good rain this weekend, though it's so dry, it may all just sink into the groundwater.

    You've never been camping? No way! What about car-camping?

  4. You're missing out then. That special campfire smell that embeds itself on you skin is actually quite good.
    Until you walk in the door at home and realize that you are stale.

  5. GH, I can't wait to get back outside. The trail I'm taking follows a creek that should have some good water in it after the 1"-3" of rain that's advertised.

    Im sad to say that I haven't even car camped. I've stayed in some pretty seedy hotels that made me want to be out in the wilderness but I've never actually camped.

    JaG, I do like the smell of a good campfire. The closest I've come to it lately is our cheap Wal-Mart fire pit in our backyard. We have only burned fake logs so I don't think it counts as a campfire though.