Homer's Travels: O Tannenbaum

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

O Tannenbaum

On Sunday we finally got around to decorating the tree. Now it feels like Christmas.


  1. Very pretty.

    My tree hasn't made it out and I don't suppose it will.

  2. JaG: Thanks.

    I didn't own a tree until I met the Wife. When I was single it just didn't seem necessary. I did own a sad string of lights that I put up around my apartment window.

  3. Sweet Christmas Tree! How tall is that thing?

    I know where you're coming from on not having a Christmas tree 'whilst single. I only got mine last year but, darn it all, it makes me happy. :)

  4. GH: Thanks!. I think the tree is a nine footer (The 5 footer I bought when I met the wife wasn't enough.) Our living room has high ceilings so it fits. It's a bear getting the lights on it - always causes an argument.

    A decorated tree does make you happy don't it?