Homer's Travels: Championship Winning Saints!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Championship Winning Saints!

Last night The Santa Clara Saints defeated Bishop Diego Cardinals to win the state championship. I wasn't there but the Wife was there with her Helmet Of Victory. The Saints trailed until the last couple minutes when they tied. The game was won in overtime. Good going Saints!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this is their first championship win in 42 years!


  1. I had a good laugh at the helmet of victory. It must have been quite hilarious to see them all about.

  2. They televised the game on our local access channel. The Wife and her friends could be seen when they panned over the crowd. She was disappointed though that they didn't do a close up.

    Less then three hours after the helmets were revealed at the school parents were calling the office asking where they could buy one. They were a hit!

  3. A money maker!

    Quick. Patent or copy write or whatever it is that you need to do.