Homer's Travels: Big Move ... Big Changes

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Big Move ... Big Changes

Our conversation this weekend has started to slant towards preparing for the big move. The conversation sometimes got a little heated when we talked about budgets (I'm too pessimistic), the shedding of luxuries (I am too spoiled), and what to move and what to get rid of (the Wife and I have differences of opinion).

I'm a born worrier and this worry has expressed itself as pessimism since my high school days if not earlier. This drives the Wife crazy as she's more optimistic. I am trying to change that. I do feel that it will all work out in the end but, until we have made the move and are established, I will worry.

If I said that the next six months were going to go smoothly without argument, I would be lying. I have to take a serious look at myself and re-evaluate what is important - what are needs and what are wants. I have to change my outlook on life.

I have a lot of changing to do.


  1. Question:

    Do you tend to look ahead for possible problems and try to prepare for them and the wife will just deal with things as they come up?

  2. JaG asks a very good question, 'tis food for thought.

    I would be worried if there were no arguments as that generally means someone is repressing something. What's really important is how those arguments are handled and worked through...

  3. JaG: The wife, with her more optimistic view, sets her sight on a goal and does whatever it takes to achieve it. She is a hard core planner but she downplays obstacles until she encounters them.

    I, on the other hand see every potential problem as a show stopper and plan the bajeebas out of it to the point that I sometimes become paralyzed. The Wife did point out that this is more of an aberration and not one of my normal traits. I think when the problems are big, I become a little overwhelmed by the detail.

    GH: Our arguments always end up with us making up and usually are followed by a more rational discussion of what we were arguing about. I don't think our arguments are really that out of the ordinary but I prefer not having them.

  4. The Best Man and I are very much like you and the Wife. I am an optimist, while Best Man is more of a pessimist. I am a planner, but not a worrier. Best Man is a bit of a planner and more of a worrier. Although Best Man's super power is thinking outside the box, which is good in problem solving. Maybe God had a plan when He picked spouses for all of us. We all help to balance each other out.

  5. MoH: That really makes me feel better since you and the Best Man turned out so well.