Homer's Travels: Countdown

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Some of you may have noticed the countdown clock just below the travel magnet on the right side of Homer's Travels. Those of you who are members of my family know what it's counting down to. Over the past few months, I have picked up some good on-line friends who don't know me personally. They, and the occasional random visitor, may be wondering just what that countdown is. The countdown is to my last day of work.

Our parents, siblings, and most of our other relatives live in the mid-west (Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota). I have been away for just over 20 years. The Wife has been away for over 10 years. We have decided to move back to Omaha to be close to our families (Yes, I have been to Westroads where the recent shooting took place). I will be resigning from my job on the 3rd of January 2008. The wife will continue working until the end of the school year. In June/Early July we will make the move.

I haven't posted about it on Homer's Travels before now because the Wife has not told her work that's she's leaving. She intends to tell them after she returns after the new year holiday. We decided I could post about it since the only people from her school who read Homer's Travels already know.

The next six months or so are going to be hectic. I'm looking forward to the move with anticipation and anxiety. There is so much to get done. We have to sell or donate all the stuff we don't want to move. We have to sell our house. We have to buy a house in Omaha. We have to move our stuff. The wife will be looking for a job. I will be taking a year off to be a househusband. We are going to see if we can live on one income. We have some nice savings built up. The one big financial advantage of this move is that we will no longer have a mortgage once we move. I expect I will get bored soon though and will find a part-time job or maybe a job I can do from home.

We have been planning this for a while now. When I started counting the days there were over 1,000. When we made the decision it gave us extra incentive to go see the sights in California since it is not likely that we will be back - at least not anytime soon. That is also why I started doing all the hiking in the area. I want to soak in as much as possible before I leave.

I have lived more of my life in Oxnard than in any other place. It's going to be a little tough to leave but Oxnard has never really felt like home to me. Moving back to Omaha is moving back home.


  1. I had noticed it and wondered about it. I thought maybe you had given yourself a blog time limit or something.

    Well that'll shake up you life for sure.

    Don't forget to stock up on warm clothing.

  2. Maybe we'll run into each other on the trail before you head off. Is there any good hiking back there?

    Good luck in the move. I've known people who have gone home and found it wasn't what they thought it was, and others who were extremely happy they moved back. Make sure you keep us posted.

  3. JaG: It will definitely shake things up. At least I will have stuff to post about for a while. In the meanwhile I will be pilling my hair out until we get moved and my hair is pretty short as it is.

    GH: That would be nice. There are hiking/walking trails in the area but it's pretty flat back there. Then again, Colorado is a day's drive so a weekend in the rockies is not out of the question. Good hiking will take a little more planning than it is now but I'll figure something out.