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Monday, September 10, 2007

Who Needs A GPS When You Have Pot Cookies?

During my Nicholas Flat hike I found several geocaches and one of them, “SURF’S DOWN”, had a very interesting log from a non-geocacher (known as a Muggle in geocaching parlance, a term borrowed from Harry Potter). A little background – the cache is a military ammunition box – a very popular cache container because of its size, durability, and water tightness. The log was mentioned by the last cache finder so I looked it up and photographed the log. The log reads:

Found this box while taking a leak. Thought it might be a trap. Opened it with the dog’s leash. My buddies and I love it. But … I’m getting ahead of myself. When I first saw the ominous green box, I speculated that it might be a booby-trap. The hidden locale of the box, the military look of it conjured up images of explosives [and] my leg being blown off. Plus, I ate a pot cookie which started to come on strong [emphasis mine]. I tried to ascertain the contents by throwing rocks at it, dragging it with a leash, etc. Finally, I got it open [and] everything tumbled out. It looked like a rapist’s toy chest – some freak with a wrestling mask [and] a teddy bear. “Should I call the police?” I asked myself. Upon closer scrutinization [sic], we found the “geocache” explanation sheet. What an adventure! We added a Starbucks card. Cheers! 09/29/06”

OK, a couple things. The first thing is the dates on the first page and the last don’t match. That may be explained by the other thing: “…I ate a pot cookie which started to come on strong.” Heh!! Only in California.

The box doesn’t look so ominous anymore as another geocacher added a geocaching sticker on the outside to cover the military markings.

You can see my log and the photographs here.

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