Homer's Travels: Book: Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn's 102 Minutes

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Book: Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn's 102 Minutes

 "102 Minutes" is a book I read a while ago, before I started Homer's Travels, and is very appropriate for today. The book chronicles the 102 minutes from the time the first plane hits the first World Trade Center tower to the time the second tower collapses. The stories follows various people - Firemen, Police Officers, ordinary people - who survived or who died trying to help others survive the worst terrorist attack this country has ever known. Some of the stories I had already heard. Many were new to me. All were inspiring. I am often cynical about our so-called civilization, but while I read this book I was very proud to be a part of humanity. The people who helped others while struggling to survive themselves is testament to the greatness in all of us.

Could I live up to the standard that these people set? I hope that I would but the bar has been set high. These people and their heroism must become a permanent feature in our lives. This book should be read by everyone. Highly recommended.

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