Homer's Travels: Musing On The Number 20

Friday, September 28, 2007

Musing On The Number 20

September is rapidly coming to a close. Thursday I received my 20 years of service certificate at work. It got me thinking, which is sometimes dangerous and many time very strange, about how I perceive time. Twenty years ago, 2007 seemed so far away and time progressed slowly. Sometimes it felt like the future would never arrive. Now, when I look back, it feels like time just flew by in an instant. I imagine that someday, when I am older, my perception of time will be turned on its head as the remaining days of my life fly by way too fast and the fond memories of the past are distant and so difficult to reach. Once again 2007 will seem so far away and unreachable. I wonder, when will this flip flop of perception occur? I'm sure it will come unannounced when I least expect it when I try to recall some fading memory.

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