Homer's Travels: Suspension But Not Stagnation

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Suspension But Not Stagnation

I have decided to give my foot the rest it needs and I am suspending hiking until October. This kind of sucks as I really enjoy being out on the trail away from the “real” world. Hiking is almost always physically demanding and there are almost always a time during a hike that I think I must be crazy to do this to myself voluntarily. This is especially true how I’m doing it where each hike is becoming progressively more difficult – longer distances and more vertical. In my head I begin doubting myself and I start bitching and moaning but then I crest that ridge and the view goes on for miles all around me and the sense of awe and accomplishment washes away all misgivings that I have. An astounding feeling.

To compensate for not being out there, we are planning a few activities that should keep us busy through most of September and October.

  • This Saturday I will be going to the Santa Barbara Sandcastle Festival. I’m hoping to see some cool stuff and take some pictures. We also will be hosting some friends of the wife. They will be occupied with other activities so I will be going to the festival alone.

  • The next Saturday the wife and I are driving down to San Diego to attend the Red Bull Air Races. We saw this advertised on TV and it looks like fun.

  • The weekend of the 29th the wife and I are heading out to Las Vegas to meet up with the Matron Of Honor and the Best Man to enjoy the sights, go to a few shows, and gamble a little. (We will not eat at Bun Boy this time.)

  • A few days after getting back (Thursday the 4th) we will be going to the Chumash Casino to see the Go Go’s. I guess this shows our age don’t it? I remember when I was in college one semester. I borrowed my cousin’s bike and went riding on a sunny spring Iowa day on a Saturday before finals weeks with a Go Go’s tape in my Walkman. This was my first time out after a cold winter and a week of hard-core exam cramming and it felt absolutely marvelous. In my head the Go Go’s will always be associated with the wonderful free feeling I had that day.

  • Two days later, on the 6th, we celebrate the wife’s birthday at the Notre Dame – UCLA football game. Since Notre Dame isn’t doing so hot this year I doubt my curse could make it any worse.

  • On the 15th we are going to the Santa Monica Civic Center to see Rilo Kiley. I was introduced to their music only a year ago but I am now a big fan.

  • On the 21st we go to the Nokia Theater to see Eagles and the Dixie Chicks. Totally Awesome! I can’t wait.

At this point I am sure we will be sick of everything and will have to give ourselves some weekends at home to recuperate. We may try to fit in a trip down to the Capistrano Mission with the “J”. I was thinking about going to an Evanescence concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl in November but the wife isn’t much a fan and I’m not sure I want to hang out with a bunch of Goths (I could wear all white so I would shine like a beacon in a sea of black – Ha!).

As for hiking, my intention is to see how my foot feels when I get back from Las Vegas. If it’s still hurting then to the doctor I will go. If it feels good then I will resume my hiking on the 7th.


  1. I would recommend seeing the doctor sooner than later. Even just daily walking can aggrivate an injury and lengthen the recovery time.

    Not sure exactly where you're coming from, but a good "non-hike quick jaunt into nature" can be found over at Rocky Oaks in the Santa Monicas.

    Heal soon and have fun at the Air Races, they looked very cool!

  2. GH,

    I have seen the doctor about my tendonitis before (Years ago) and they pretty much say the same stuff. Heat/Cold Anti anti-inflammatories, keep off the feet, etc. I'm pretty much doing what they have suggested. My feet are feeling a little better the past few days so if i don't overdo it the next few weeks I think I'll heal up.

    The wife and I are looking forward to the races. We saw the commercial for them a few days ago and we looked at each other and said "we got to go!"