Homer's Travels: An Apparition Addition

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Apparition Addition

There has been an addition to the activity schedule that I posted last week. On October 13, the wife and I, accompanied by the "J", and possibly another friend from the wife's school, and a guy the wife knows from a previous job, will take a road trip out to California City to see Our Lady Of The Rock. Apparently on the 13th of every month, Mary (the mother of Jesus) makes an appearance out in the middle of the Mojave Dessert. The only way to see her is with a Polaroid camera. When Maria Paula Acuna, the first person to see Mary, announces that Mary has arrived, you point your Polaroid camera at the Sun and take a picture. People claim that in the resulting picture the doorway to heaven and Mary can be seen. The Catholic Church does not officially recognize this apparition but we thought we would go anyway.

Now, a few of you are wondering why we are going. Others are wondering how we find out about these things. We first heard about it at the live taping of
This American Life. At the taping they showed clips from the television show and one of the clips was of the people taking pictures of Mary. When we saw it we knew we had to go. As for why we are going, you have to remember that we are the same people who drove over ten hours to visit the Center of the World and Salvation Mountain. California City is less then three hours away - nothing for us. Plus, the whole thing is just weird - another plus in our books. They say that the crowds at this place can be over 1,000 people on the weekends. I am hoping to take some interesting pictures of the people. The "J", famous for her scrounging, even scored us some Polaroid Cameras. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Since when am I famous for scrounging? hmf!

  2. "J",

    Scrounging is a valuable skill and I meant it as a compliment. You have to talk to the wife about it since she discovered your remarkably practical ability.