Homer's Travels: Rhino Cache

Friday, March 30, 2007

Rhino Cache

A few of my recent hikes have been on National Park land. Geocaches are forbidden in National Parks and, if found, are sometimes considered trash and the hider may receive a littering ticket in the mail. Paramount Ranch is located in National Park land so there were no caches along the trails but I still wanted to do a cache so I found a nearby micro-cache called the Rhino Cache. The cache was about a mile or so from the Paramount Ranch parking lot. It is called the rhino cache because of the metal rhinoceros standing in the nearby horse pasture. Why is there a life-size rusty metal rhinoceros in the pasture under the tree? Probably because he likes the shade. Anyway, it must be one of those weird things people do sometimes.

The cache was a tiny pill container with rocks glued to the lid. The container was hid at the base of a street sign amongst the rocks. I parked down the road a ways and walked back. When I found it I realized that the container was too small to have a writing instrument (and I didn't have one with me) so I took the cache back to the car, found a pen, signed the log, and then drove back to the hiding location to re-hide the cache.

I like caches that take you places you would have never gone and show you things that you would never have seen. I would never had known about Mr. Rhinoceros if it hadn't been for the cache.

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