Homer's Travels: Entertaining the Altar Boy - Day 3 - Preview

Monday, March 12, 2007

Entertaining the Altar Boy - Day 3 - Preview

Day three is a biggun'. I am not sure I will be able to post about what all we did tonight so I will post this preview and try to fill in the what actually happened in a later post. We start out with our usual lazy morning before going on the road to Los Angeles. It's going to be another sunny day and we will drive down the pacific coast highway on our way to the city.

Our first stop are the La Brea Tar Pits and the associated Page museum.

After the museum we will head for Olvera street for a little shopping and walking.

After Olvera street it will be time time for some diner (or supper for some of you) so we will head for Canter's Deli, where you are server by old Jewish ladys. The food is always great and the atmosphere alway a little strange.

After Canter's, we will make our way to the UCLA campus to enjoy an evening with Ira Glass and This American Life. We will be meeting up with the "J" who is taking the Matron-Of-Honor's ticket and joining us tonight. I'm sure the live taping will take up a whole post by itself.


  1. My wife and I went to the TAL live show a couple of years ago. It was great. Sara Vowel did a bit about visiting a Goth "tutor."

    I love the way Glass weaves poignant stories, wit and music.

  2. The show was great this time too. The theme was how TV affects our lives - a nice segue into the new This American Life TV Show.