Homer's Travels: Entertaining the Altar Boy - Day 4 And 5

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Entertaining the Altar Boy - Day 4 And 5

Here's a review of Tuesday and Wednesday's boffo activities. On Tuesday morning we headed north for lunch and a couple of Missions. We stopped at Cold Spring Tavern. This place was originally a stagecoach waypoint and in the 40's became a tavern. The place is cool! When you walk through the half-door you walk into the 19th century. The staff was friendly and the menu varied. There was everything from buffalo burgers, venison sausage, chili, and regular burgers and fries. The place is a real biker bar that is crowded on the weekends but wasn't too bad during the week. After eating we asked if the store next door was open or not. It was and the waitress told us to go on over, come back with what we wanted, and we would pay for it all. It's nice to be trusted. We took some pictures before heading for Solvang.

In Solvang we visited the Santa Inez mission. After a quick tour we drove on to Lompoc to visit mission La Purisima. I've already posted about these missions and nothing really new happened here so I won't write about it. We did enjoy the visits though.

After two mission we decided that we deserved Ice Cream. We drove into downtown Lompoc and started looking. At a stop light, the wife saw a pregnant woman, and who knows more about ice cream cravings then a pregnant woman, so the wife rolled the window down and, sure enough, she gave us directions to the nearest Baskin-Robbins. After satiating our need we drove back home. The wife and the altar boy took naps on the way and I napped once we got home.

An hour after we got home we got a call from the "J". She was calling to see if we were home yet because she was in the driveway. After a beer we all loaded up in my car and went out to eat at BJ's Restaurant & Brew House. We had a good time and had more good food. We decided, once again, that we deserved Ice Cream so we ordered a couple of Pizookies.

That was pretty much the end of the day. We watched some American Idol and hit the hay.

On day 5, the altar boy was on his own as the wife and I had to go back to work (ugh). We gave him directions to the beach and the Reagan Library. He went to both and threw in the San Fernando Mission - location of Bob Hope's grave. It sounds like he had a full and fun day. Tonight we went to Pirates since we haven't eaten there enough this week - The altar boy has eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Pirates.

The altar boy will be leaving tomorrow. We had a great time and he is welcome to visit anytime.

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