Homer's Travels: Wife Wacks Prancing Possum

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wife Wacks Prancing Possum

The wife goes to work after me. After I leave she goes downstairs and watches the morning news. Tuesday morning, a seemingly normal morning, was anything but. Homer looked out the sliding glass door and got really excited. The wife let him out and he promptly ran to the back fence, in the dark, early in the morning, barking his head off. The wife was horrified thinking of the neighbors sleeping next door. For almost 20 minutes she tried to get Homer back in the house. Since it was dark, she couldn't see what was driving Homer crazy. Turns out there was a possum on the back fence. The wife managed to get Homer in the house but he kept barking. She hoped that bringing the dog in would get the possum to leave. She went back out to check and saw that the possum had moved around to the side fence. Worrying that the possum might jump down onto the grill and into the backyard, she looked around for a suitable weapon, she grabbed the pooper scooper ... yes, the pooper scooper ... and started poking at the possum. The possum held on to the fence for its dear life but wouldn't budge. The wife decided to take no prisoners and let the possum know whats what trying again with vigor and forcing the possum off the fence into the hedge. The wife was VICTORIOUS! I am proud of her. The critter didn't return and I'm sure it will think twice before returning to our backyard.

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