Homer's Travels: Entertaining the Altar Boy - Day 2

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Entertaining the Altar Boy - Day 2

Day two started of with the Wife and the Altar Boy going to mass and me going grocery shopping (I know, shame on me for not going to mass with them). After mass we met up at Pirates Grub n Grog to have some breakfast.

After breakfast we split up again - the wife and altar boy going to do the Whale Watching thing and me heading to Rattlesnake Canyon to hike. On the way to the hike I stopped by the "J" 's place to drop of her This American Life ticket and a map to the venue (Royce Hall, UCLA).

The wife and the altar boy enjoyed their boat ride. The weather was perfect - warm breezes with temperatures in the 80's. They saw some whales, dolphin, dead seals, and an overturned kayak. The kayak was brought on board and turned over to the Coast Guard. After the boat ride, they went to the infamous Rudder Room to have a beer. The Rudder Room is a seedy bar on beach where all sorts of people collide. 20 Minutes later fists began colliding and the wife said "Lets get out of here." Nice Place. Both the wife an the altar boy were both exhausted after their day of water, sun, and fisticuffs.

My day was good too. My hike wore me out. More juicy details later this week when I post another Hiking Ventura County post.

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