Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #27

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #27

  • On Saturday the Wife and I went to witness and celebrate the baptism of the Wife's niece's little girl.  I celebrated a bit too hard I think.  I ended up eating too much junk.  Bread, Ice cream (with M&Ms), macaroni and cheese, and a cookie ... all unnecessary carbohydrates.
  • This morning, after a very restless sleep (I think I dreamt I was awake all night) I woke up with a headache and several random muscle aches.  I imagine this is what a hangover feels like.  Can you get a hangover by eating too many carbs?
  • I walked two times this week.  I was going to walk three times but the heat and humidity in the middle of the week kept me inside.  I ended up walking 12.3 miles (19.8 km).

    Not a murder hornet but an eastern cicada killer.
    During one of my walks a saw what I thought was a murder hornet (actually an Asian Giant Hornet).  It was huge - between one and two inches in length.  A little Googling convinced me that I had not seen a murder hornet but what I saw was actually an Eastern Cicada Killer.   I'm glad I'm not a cicada.
  • I was reminded of something this weekend.  During one of my walks back in February or March I had crossed an enclosed pedestrian bridge.  At the end of the bridge was a sensor activated sliding door centered on the end of the bridge.  After you pass through the door into a building you turn left and exit that building.  I turned left and saw what I thought was an open sliding door like the one I'd just walked through.  I ended up walking full speed into a remarkably clear pane of glass.  Instead of one sliding door, it was actually two normal swinging doors with glass between the doors.  I left a large smudge of the glass at face height (and bent up my glasses).  No one saw me which was good because I was a bit embarrassed (which may explain why I didn't post about it earlier).  I left hoping I wasn't on a security camera blooper reel.

    So, I crossed that bridge again a couple weeks ago and I noticed that there was a smudge on the glass at about face height.  I'm not sure if it's my smudge.  That would imply that the glass wasn't cleaned since early spring.  If it wasn't my smudge then I'm not the only clumsy person walking into that same clean pane of glass.  Nothing like schadenfreude to make me feel better.

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