Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #29

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #29

  • This week started with me binging season three of "The Boys" on prime.  It was spitty-drizzly-misty-rainy most of the day so it was a nice way to spend the day.
  • A White-Lined Sphinx Moth caterpillar.
  • Speaking of streaming, this week they announced that more people streamed content than watched it on traditional cable and broadcast TV.  My Mom helped push it over the tipping point on Tuesday when I took her down to the local cable office and we canceled her cable and telephone services.  She is now a streamer and a landline cutter.  This should save her over one hundred dollars a month.
    A Mourning Dove just sitting in the birdbath.
  • On Thursday the Wife and I went over and weeded Mom's gardens.  When the Wife retired she took over all the garden work so, while she did fine, I rediscovered muscles that have been silent for a long time. *oof* 
    A camouflaged deer.
  • On Saturday morning the garage door decided to stop opening.  Turns out the chain slipped off the gear.  Upon further inspection I noticed, where the cable is attached to the chain, there is only one strand of cable left.  Even if I got the chain back on the gear it would be just a matter of time - likely a short matter of time - before the cable would snap.  The garage door people are coming on Wednesday morning.
  • I walked twice this week.  I tried to push longer but didn't make it.  I ended up walking 16.8 miles (27.1 km) this week.  I took only a few pictures on my walks but, as you can see, the few I took were animal related.

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